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Film and Media Composer

Demo Reel (2023)

Demo Reel (2023)


             | Credits:


Film & Television:

 The 76th Annual Tony Awards (orchestra production assistant 2023)

Protecting the Greed (short documentary, composer 2023)

The Star-Catcher (short fantasy animation, composer 2023)

Moving Forward (short drama, composer 2023)

Doomers (short drama, composer 2023)

Welcome to the Playground (short film, composer 2023)

Flying in the Dark (animated documentary trailer, composer 2022)

I Thought the Earth Remembered Me (short drama, composer 2022)

What Remains (short horror, composer 2021)

Rasputin (short comedy, composer 2019)

Walking Circles (short drama, composer 2019)

The Garden (short animation, composer 2017)

The Music Box (short drama, composer 2016)

Puzzled (short animation, composer 2015)


Theatre & Dance:

The Winship Neighborhood Concert (immersive theatre, accompanist 2022)

The Tasters (theatre, composer 2021)

Sad Women Being Sad (virtual theatre, composer 2021)

They Serve Brisket in Paradise (theatre, sound designer 2020)

Evolution (dance, composer 2019, 2020)

Austin Youth Shakespeare’s Macbeth (theatre, composer 2018)

Video Games:

Revival (adventure game, co-composer 2020)


CLUTCH New Music by UT Composers (concert, composer, 2020)

The Power of the Word (podcast, composer & audio engineer 2020)

The Creek Monster Habitat (immersive exhibit, co-composer 2019)

About Me:


Lina Breining is a composer and pianist from Austin, TX.​ Most recently, she worked as an orchestra production assistant on  the 76th Annual Tony Awards. Lina has collaborated with filmmakers from the American Film Institute, New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, the School of Visual Arts, and the University of Texas at Austin. Additionally, Lina's music has been heard internationally and at various film festivals including: AFI Fest, The Rhode Island International Film Festival, Reeling Film Festival, The Film Collective Film Festival, SCAD Savannah Film Festival, and the Newport Beach Film Festival. Lina's works have been praised and critiqued by notable film composers including: Blake Neely (You Netflix Series), Jeff Beal (House of Cards), Marcelo Zarvos (Wonder), Pete Nashel (I, Tonya),  Carlos Rafael Rivera (the Queen’s Gambit)  and Homay Schmitz (in-house composer for Spitfire Audio).


Lina is currently pursuing a Master of Music in Music Theory and Composition: Screen Scoring at New York University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Fine Arts in Arts and Entertainment Technologies and a Bachelor of Arts in Music Composition from the University of Texas at Austin. Lina has studied under numerous concert & screen composers including 5 time Emmy Award winning composer, Jamie Lawrence. Lina's professional affiliations include: the Society of Composers & Lyricists, The Alliance of Women Film Composers, and the American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers (ASCAP). Lina is based in New York City.


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